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Those who attended The Directors Event in 2015 and 2016 have been part of something truly inspirational. In association with the Sunday Times Top 100 Companies, brought to you by MMI Holdings, has successfully brought together South Africa’s most influential leaders whose common goal was to discuss and form collaborations that are geared towards building the nation.

Several high-powered entities approached matters of governance and accountability, reputation management, leadership, talent nurturing, educational and skills development, infrastructural development, the economy, innovation and entrepreneurship, quality, affordable health care as well as SA’s global competitiveness, with the frankness and resolution required to not only identify solutions, but kick-start the process of acting upon them.

Once again South Africa’s biggest board meeting will convene to confront issues in a series of hard-hitting round table discussions, at close quarters with in-depth moderation by leading media personalities.

This unique, one-day conference attended by over 300 leaders, will be hosted at the Sandton Convention Centre on 9 June 2017, with the aim of harnessing the collective intellectual energy of leaders from both the public and private sector.

Join us at this year’s Directors Event and be part of these critical round table discussions – Protecting SA’s economy – Short-term solutions for long-term gains; Youth education and employment – Bridging the gap in digital times and Geopolitical uncertainty – Navigating risks – geared towards a brighter South African future.